Grown up in the soviet zone of occupation, he got infected with hiphop thru the movie Beat Street!
His main interest was the DJing and after a spectacular escape from the DDR, thze time was right
for 2 turntables! After DJing for about 10 years he began to produce beats with a MPC 2000xl followed by a PC and div software! He supported Rasco, Alies, Anti-Pop Consortium, Motion Man etc. and does Scratches for the D&B Sets of his Friend DJ FU (Founder of Drumbule in Hamburg). At these parties he got in contact with JNS (Phokus), which were producing Drum & Bass at this time! Fixed thru arising Grime and Dubstep productions, they decided to present and establish (together with MC Mindfuck) the not very well known Music called Dubstep to the Hamburg massive! NXT LVL was born and took place monthly in the Astrastube!
1 year later they (together with Deneh, Yanni Ignition and The Vinylizer) started a monthy Dubstep Party called WOBWOB. International DJs were playing the show just like Skream, Rusko, Tes La Rok, Headhunter, Luke Envoy, Wadadda, Dutty Dubz etc.