Raised from an arcane dust pile of smoldering electronics, rotted reels and jellied eels, the Tapes sound of ferric fiend J*?$!%* B^∆*!? is London's most mains-hum ridden reggae hi-fi around! Currently Residing in his Mysterious London Labratory: "The Lodge", Tapes goes about leisurley creating riddims with
busted cassette recorders and stolen spring reverbs whilst drawing influence from a mish-mash of early English and Jamaican electronics pioneers. Boomkat says that Tapes is sounding like Mordant Music versioning a classic Tubbys as heard by moles under the streets of Kingston. Track has been faithfully mastered to cassette and back again, so you better switch off that dibby-dibby noise reduction and turn the amp up into the red!! Jackson "Tapes" Bailey also runs the ultra-collectable C8-cassette label and the stunning Bassbin project.