MC Soom T is the 4th child of 7 children. She has 5 sisters and 1 brother. She started mcing at a young age and was brought up in a family where music was a way of life. She spent her 6 school years with nothing but headphones for company during which time she collected 2 binbags of used Duracell and was educated by Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Ella Fitzgerald, Lata Mangheskar, BodyCount, Cypress Hillblah blah blah. Having been brought up on the rough streets of Glasgows Maryhill she encountered many unfair occurrences and unjust happenings which had a direct impact on the lives of herself, her family and community. At 15 Soom T was the only ethnic minority member and one of the founding members of a youth group called the Y Network which was a political group set up by youths from all areas of Glasgow to act as a direct link of communication to local councillors and MPs. She represented the Whiteinch area. Their aim was to take their grievances about their communities to the politicians in an attempt to affect political change to improve the citys education, health, benefits, environment and prospects for the inner city youths. Years of dedication proved fruitless. Feeling helpless to change anything through conventional political or social routes and angry at the local councils immunity to positive change, Soom T turned to music. From 1997 to 2000 Soom T became a regular vocal resident at underground raves, soundsystems and clubnights throughout Scotland with her own brand of political poetry and musical activism. As demand for her unique vocals grew, Soom T joined several bands, ensuring that each crew supported her different style from rap and reggae toasting to techno robotic and gospel. Soom t wanted to do it all and use her voice as a variable instrument with one goal in mind. To Relay a real message via as many different genres as possible while making listeners dance. From 2000 to 2008 Soom Ts politically motivated, soul driven, unique and powerful rap toasting and song vocals appeared on over 50 commercial and independent releases on compilations, mixtapes, albums, singles and videos released worldwide on over 20 major and indie labels including Mute (USA/Worldwide), Universal (USA, Worldwide), Ghostly International (Detroit, USA), ~Scape (Germany), Cooking Vinyl (USA, Worldwide), Sanctuary (UK, Worldwide), Jazz Echo (Germany), Kitty Yo (Germany), Resist (UK), MG77 (Switzerland), Meteosound (Germany), Sinedin (Spain), PIAS (Belgium), Boutique - Universal Jazz (Germany), Virgin 2 (USA, Worldwide), Marginal (Japan), Unity Trax (Belgium), Scotch Bonnet (Scotland), Root 8 Recordings (Scotland), Warner Brothers (Switzerland), and various others. She has over 500 songs in her back catalogue and has collaborated with The Orb, T.Raumschmiere, Senser, Asian Dub Foundation, The Bug, Miss Kitten, Bus, Bruno Bellumini, Hagos, Paris of Detroit Grand Pubahs, Jamie Lidell, DJ Maxximus, Jahcoozi, Puppetmastaz, Rufus G Pointdexter, Monkeytribe, Mungos Hifi, Stefan Rogall, Tigerstyle, Trans world Orchestra, King Creosote, Bluebells, Warrior Queen, Jahcoozi, Tolcha, Fatjon of Five Deez and many others. Her performances have graced Europes most respected festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona, Roskilde in Denmark, Marsatac France, Popkomm in Germany, Arhous and Gent in Belgium, Anti G* in Berlin amongst many others. In 2005 Soom was awarded a BBC Fame Academy Music Bursary for her groundbreaking music work and was also awarded the UK wide PRS Fopp Award with her homegrown dance hiphop crew Monketyribe. In Novemeber 2006 she was nominated for and awarded a PRS Atom Award. In 2008 Soom T was SAC supported. Soom T has supported Aphex Twin, Basement Jaxx, Ty, Miss Kitten, and many other international artists. She has recorded numerous ive sessions for BBC and European equivalent Radio including a John Peel session and several live sessions UK wide. Her singles continue to sell worldwide and demand for her recognisable voice grows by the day. Soom has sold over 100,000 records and achieved all of this without ever being exclusively signed leaving her to forge her own path on the worlds musical underground. Catch her all over Europe, spreading the word of truth, peace and justice wherever she ventures. | booking: