SOLO THE ARTIST> I started DJing or MCing when i was 11 as a younger mc on my brother sound system KING SHAMMA INTERNATIONAL, through my teens i continued writing lyrics and experimented with rap/hip hop for a while. Around 19ish i joined Majestic Sound and was the soul selecta with Shadey aswell as the MC with Daddy MG. We tore up the place for 5-6 years maybe more and a few recordings but nothing to serious. After leaving london and moving to Reading i done the sound ting for many years, as i was producing i was in many studio's and started to get the bug to get back in the booth. fter forming a great friendship with Kriss Kemist from Reality Shock i voice his Happening riddim with a track called "The Warning" from there we voiced "Ganja Story" on the Free the Herbs Riddim and havent stopped. Currently working on an album teh vibes are far from over. SOLO THE SOUNDMAN. As a youth was always into music one way or another, my 1st memory of playing out or selecting as at mysister's party-i was playing tunes on the hi fi until the sound turned, they didnt turn up and i ended up playin all night on the hi fi. I played soul and rare groove on Majestic Sound and various radio stations. Once in Reading i joined Classic Wonder as a mic man. I then became the selector and played the sound for many years. With Jay Dee i ran a radio show for year and ahalf which put Classic on a higher level. We recruited Jay Wun and Kiddy Hype and now the sound is playing out at leat once a week with Solo in a mangerial role. SOLO THE COMPERE Being comfortable with the microphone to become a compere was an obivious move. The work has been slow but steady and as the reputation grows so does the work. Previous compere work has included "Jah Mason@Herbal in London" "Mela Concerts in Ealing and Croydon" "Basingstoke Live Main Stage for the last 2 years" and "Daddy Skitz and Deady Hunta tours". |