From an early age I have had a love for music. I got into underground music back in 1995 aged 11 listening to mostly Kool FM playing the original Jungle Riddims. In 97 I began to love the oldskool Garage sound and in 1999 aged 15 I got my first set of DJ decks and used to mix oldschool Garage, Garage and the emerging 2Step sound 24/7. I then linked up with Kromestar who lived down the road from me back then and formed a crew with Cessman & Kromestar. We went on to do sets on various stations including Heat FM, Silk FM, Non Sop FM and Taste FM. In 2002 I did a DJ and music production course at Lewisham College and learnt how to various mixing skillz and how to use Cubase - Music production program. At this time I was on stations like Delight FM, 2G FM, Woah FM & Taste FM. In 2003 I was still mixing Garage which then started to get more raw and became whats known as Grime. I also released an 8 bar tune - Street Fighter & got rinsed by crews & DJ's across London and got played on Kiss by DJ EZ. In 2005 I began taking producing seriously and was still DJing under the name of Young1. (Look mout for me in the second South Suide Riddim in a Adidas Tracksuit) at this time I was on Top FM up till summer 2007 when the station wasn`t allowed to play Grime anymore. 2008 I linked up with my friend Cessman and we decided to continue the Terrafonix Sound which he created and was accompanied by Kromestar on. Now Terrafonix sets are strictly Dubplate sets with all tunes produced by me & Cessman with the odd from other producers - Big up Deapoh, Silkie, Dub Tehnicians & Lost & Shivers. Terrafonix aim is to bring a dub feeling and vibes with our own deep rooty medi stink skanky sound. Our plan is to eventually have our own Sound System which we can take to venues and do our own raves with so the tunes can be heard and felt in full effect like our music should be!!! Currently TerraFonix as a sound are working closely on some projects with Joe Ariwa, Karmelody and the man himself Mad Professor we are now apart of the Ariwa movement and are the gap between dubstep and dub music. We have been in the studio remixing and making our tunes better in the studio ready for our vinyl releases on our dublimnal label which will have the ariwa stamp on. This is goin to be followed up by our first album so look out for that. |