Mahanee is a french producer of dubstep music. His music is described as melodic and warm, giving the feeling of an exotic atmosphere. The basslines, using smooth variations and modulations, are heavy, constant and rolling. Drum padz remain simple but have original tricks and groove throughout accoustic percussions. The clever use of samples are also giving a flavour of oldschool hiphop and reggae, well appreciated by dubstep heads. After years djing jungle music and uk garage/ 2step, he approaches and start to learn beats production in 2005 when dubstep is rising.In 2006, he puts his first music on myspace with titles like "Closed doors" and "Up 2 Here". Very quicly, he gets support from many djs including big names like Wonder playing his tunes on BBC 1xtra or Ntype and Crises on Rinse Fm. In 2007, while he is still in the process of progress, he sends regularly dubplates or unreleased materials to djs worldwide and gets a nice support on tracks like Hoochie Coochie Man or Killasound. He also worked with Deadly Hunta on the "Better Way remix", still on dubplate today. Early 2008, he gets a digital release on DonkeyBudz with the Up2here Ep and sells over 300 packs of these exclusives tunes in few months. In 2008, Kiosk Records releases a first collaboration between Mahanee and Von D with the Kiosk11 "Bust A Shot Remix". Then the Kiosk12 with the Badman EP including tracks like "Badman", "Lobster Meal" and "Hoochie Coochie Man". In august, he is touring Germany to promote his Kiosk releases. 2009, he signs the tune "Police" to german label Police In Helicopter and gets Mikey Murka and Solo Banton voicing the track. This release also includes Phokus and Jahtari's Disrupt remixes. Mahanee also signs on Destpub Records, after 16bit or Monst'r, the track S.A.G.E., once again co-produced with Liquid Wicked's Von D. His 2008 title ,"Badman" , also appears on the Kiosk compilation "Force Coming". |