Berlin based Dubstep DJ and Producer Mackjiggah is one of the early producers in Germany to put influences of Grime and Dubstep into his music production.Coming from Hip Hop,Dub and various forms of hardcore music, his vision of sound was build and shaped 2005/06 by the impact of Berlins Grime and Dubstep sessions. With a fine sense for melodies and always-on-point arrangements his production style evolved to a tasteful dubby bass sound, razor-sharp and gloomy. First results got puplic january 2007 on kool.POPrecordings, a label that released harsh breakbeat/jungle music to that date.The 12" vinyl called "On The Corner" is expemplary for the uprise of Dubstep, influencing people from many different styles of music. With his second release called "Cheap Trick" on Police In Helicopter he s back with a twisted, heavy halfstepper that s just about as dark as it gets. | booking: