Ekelon is a prolific producer and sound engineer based in Athens Greece. He has been into the electronic music scene for over a decade with various guises and different, often very diverse, projects.
His involvement into to the dupstep scene originated in late 2007 after a chance meeting with british producer Headhunter which resulted in the creation of the collaboration track Timewarp. Timewarp soon became a dancefloor favourite and was later picked up by Mary Ann Hobes for her Evangelism compilation. Following the success of Timewarp, Ekelon released his first Ep under the title Techrische in greek experimental label Creative Space. The complex textures of the Techrische beats and the hunting melodies established Ekelon as a leftfield experimentalist in electronic music that transcended the narrow boundaries of the dubstep genre. His touch however with the dancefloor and party culture remained intact as proven by his third release. Holland’s prestigious Tube 10 picked up on the hard pumping grooves of the track Evidence and presented it alongside the equally dancefloor driven Freezeland as a double sided 10” release in late 2009. The much acclaimed release became an instant favourite for many djs. Following the success of Evidence, Ekelon’s forthcoming release covers the middle ground between the experimental electronics of Techrische and the manic grooves of Evidence. The Asian Blades 12”, which will be released by german label Police in Helicopters, is a hard hitting track with complex grooves, razor sharp cymbals and the trademark hunting melodies. This time the legendary Rob Smith is in charge of the b-side delivering his trademark sound on what was suitably named Bristol Blades. Throughout the years Ekelon has remained a studio devotee. Unwilling to cash-in on cheep dj sets, he has appeared live on few, selected occasions and continues to consider live appearances as the only viable means to communicate with his audience.