Jahtari founders Disrupt's first attempts on Dub tracks were released in May 2004 on netlabel Phonocake as the A Fistful Of Dub EP. A flurry of NET-7"s and NET-EPs followed on Jahtari, available for free download. The Leipzig based label now has a roster of twenty plus artists, including London's Mikey Murka and American-based Burning Spear collaborator Ras Amerlock, and also releases music on CD and vinyl. Gleichmar’s formative years were spent involved with punk and gabba as a fan of Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings, Atari Teenage Riot and breakcore. In the mid-90s he discovered clicks'n'cuts and drum'n'bass and started making music with an old sampler while working odd jobs including camera assistant and construction site labourer. On a job in 1998, he met Jahtari partner Rootah, DJ and record collector. The meeting sparked the idea for the Digital Laptop Reggae concept. After the A Fistful Of Dub EP turned out to be a modest hit, the pair had enough motivation to start the Jahtari label in Nov 2004. Operated out of Gleichmar 's flat, the Jahtari site began offering free music from Disrupt, Rootah and others on the roster. They also invested in theory on the Jahtari Magazine where Gleichmar expounded on reggae history, the Commodore 64 and other vintage equipment. By 2006, Jahtari had started to offer releases on CD in addition to the free downloads and later produced vinyl releases too. As of 2008, it had signed more than 20 artists, among them London-based Mikey Murka (a veteran of 1980s UK digital reggae). As Disrupt, Gleichmar has received airplay from Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs, and drawn interest from influential imprint Werk who’ve since released a 12” and Disrupt’s debut full-length Foundation Bit (Werk Disc, 2008), an album loaded with samples from classic sci-fi movies such as Alien, Tron, Dark Star, and THX-1138. In 2009 Jahtari and disrupt continue in this veine full force, collaborating with artists like Soom-T, Solo Banton, Mikey Murka, El Fata, etc and shooting out one hit 7“ after the next. With the long awaited sequel to the epic Foundation Bit album – the heavy The Bass Has Left The Building LP – finally off the press there's no end in sight for future goodness.

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